Do I need a Telkom line

  for this service?

 No, Yahclick customers don’t need any other

 infrastructure except a computer and electricity at the premises to

 connect to YahClick.

 Can I use Skype on



 Does the daily usage

 carry over?

 No, daily usage is based on a use it or lose it principle. The FAP token does not


 Will Vox keep stock for


 Yes, reserve stock is warehoused in Johannesburg.

 Who is responsible for 

 damages to the equipment.  Will

 rain affect the signal

 and equipment in case

 of a lightining strike?

 The customer must insure the equipment at the customers cost when it is

 on a rent option. If the customer purchased the equipment outright, we

 recommend that the customer still insure it, as the warrantee

 don’t cover lightning damage.

 How  long will the

 customer have to wait

 for replacement/


 Will be delivered within 72 hours – subject to approval of Travel Cost

 if an installer visit is required.

 How  will the speed on

 value 512 products

 compare with Edge and

 GPRS services?

 The customer can expect a high through put of data. In other parts of

 the world it realised in around 70% of the download speed.

 What are the system

 requirements for the

 customer PC ?

 The customer will require a PC with a Windows XP, Vista, windows 7

 or Mac operating system on it.

 Will rain affect the

 signal and to what


 Rain Fade is the loss of signal from the satellite during the rain.

 Rain fade can occur even if it is not raining at our location.

 A large black thunderhead can block signal if it gets

 between you and the satellite.

 ·        Rain Fade is the physical phenomenon that deteriorates

          RF signals due to the presence of  moisture

          (rain, snow, ice) in the transmission path.  

 ·        Losses are especially prevalent at higher frequencies

          like Ka-band (Y1-B is a Ka-band satellite)

 ·        Rain Fade can be caused by precipitation at the uplink

          or downlink location. However, it does not need to be

          raining at a location for it to be affected by rain fade,

          as the signal may pass through precipitation many miles


 ·        Signal loss can occur due to presence of precipitation

          on the antenna assembly as well

 ·        HN system has mechanisms built in to minimize the

          effect of rain fade on service known as Adaptive

          Coding and Modulation (ACM) and Adaptive Inbound

          Selection (AIS).

 Can viruses effect the


 Viruses can enter your PC in the same way than any other

 internet options. The customer must protect the PC through

  anti-virus software.

 Will Vox offer a VoIP

 product on YahClick?

 Yes, but voice over satellite internet is subject to latency.

 Are VPN services

 available on YahClick

 Yes, VPN services will be possible on business services

  plans at an additional cost.

 Can the customer

 upgrade to new

 equipment during the

 36 month rental period?

 The customer will have the option to upgrade to new

 equipment during the rent period if new equipment

 becomes available or service plans require different


 Is it possible to see

 a demonstration of

 the system?

 It is possible to demonstrate it at your nearest reseller.

 Please request accordingly on our website.

 Can the customer

 sell the equipment?

 The customer can sell the equipment if the customer

 owns it. The customer should not sell the equipment

 to someone outside of the RSA.