The average duration of an installation is 3 to 5 hours, which includes the mounting of the standard wall mounting brackets, pointing of the Transmitter, cabling and connection to the customer’s computer.   If the preparation of the customer’s premises required special preparations or a non-standard complex installation, the customer will be liable for that additional cost.  The additional cost will be discussed and agree to during the site installation and the billing will be adjusted once the installation is completed.




Installation price includes


·     Travel cost within 25kms from the Installers premises.  It does not include travel and accommodation to places further than 25km. This cost will be quoted and settled between customer and installer :


·     Installation through a  Certified Installer


·      Installation to an outside wall .  Antenna must be mounted 1,5m and higher from the ground.  Installations higher than 3m are non-standard.  Wall mounts can only be mounted to surfaces or building materials that can support the wall mount.  To mount the equipment at the site ideally we need  a north west  wall with a clear view to the satellite.     Alternate mount extensions are available to look over a roof if the pitch is not too great.


·          The Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) consist of:


o         Satellite dish ( 74cm, 98cm or 120cm dishes)

o         Standard wall mount bracket

o         LNB (Transmitter/Receiver Unit,  TxRx 1 or 2 Watt)

o         Hughes Indoor Router

·        Grounding -Dish must be earthed to a suitable earthing point (or we can supply an Earthing rod)

·         Connecting the computer to one computer

·         Demonstrate the YahClick system is operational by browsing the internet.  The setup of any additional service or products is for the account of the customer



Non-Standard Installation can be defined as conditions where work is performed outside the definition of a Standard Installation

The following are Non-Standard Installation items:

·          Installations higher than 3m or sites where special health and safety regulations are required

·          More than the standard length of cable is required (more than 20m)

·          Drilling through more than 1 outer wall

·          Preparation of the installation site, contractors work, ground works, removal of trees

·          Safety of the site, people and equipment

·          Sites with no line of sight  which required fabricated mounts

·          Sites in estates where the rules are not clear or it may take time and a process to determine

·          Rental property and landlord has not approved installation yet. 

·          Site where trenching work is needed

·          Installation sites in or on high-rise buildings

·          Roof Mounts, pole extensions, single pole mounts, Non-Pen Mounts

·          Connection additional computers

·          Network cabling & WiFi links from Satellite router to connect other buildings


       Rate for Non-Standard items


 Sample Non –Standard Items

  Cost / incl VAT



 Additional Travel Charge


 Additional RG6 cable required

  R15 / m 

 UPS 650VA (Power protection

 & +- 15mins  backup power)


 Power Cable (w/ 3pin plug or

 female kettle cord)


 5way power adaptor with

 female kettle cord  (for UPS)


 WiFi Access point (to distribute

 Sat  connection to Wireless devices)


 WiFi link between buildings – up

 to 4km  with  line of site (typical scenario

 includes AP for both sides. PoE injectors.

 Wall mounting brackets & accessories &



 Network Cabling:


             UTP Network point installed

              (incl  up to 50m cable, data

              outlet, Flylead  & labour) 


 5port Network Switch


 Additional Wall Mount Extension 150cm


 Single Pole Mount and labour


 Non-Pen Mount plus labour


 Follow up visit to site


Note: All prices includes VAT. Prices indicative only  - subject to change




The customer is responsible for the following


·         Serviceable Computer as specified to connect to

·         Availability of electricity, customer to provide surge protected 220V Mains Supply at the premises

·         Safety of the site, installation team and equipment

·         Permits and or zoning variances where applicable

·         Travel and accommodation

·         To prepare the site for a safe installation

·         Non-Standard installation costs?