Convert Latitude and Longitude Co-ordinates to alternate formats

Three alternate formats for co-ordinates are commonly in use.  All indicate an accurate position on the globe. Often you can change the display format in your GPS settings.   For YahClick it's easiest for us to work with Decimal Degrees.  If co-ordinates are supplied in either Degrees/Minutes/Seconds  or Degrees/Minutes.Decimal  then this page will allow you to convert to Decimal Degrees.

Agora Webmail 1

Customers making use of Agora's mail system should should browser to webmail.<yourdomain name>  in order to access their mailboxes via a web browser.  The above link will work for some.

Check usage and Reset your daily Download Allowance

Activate a FAP Token if you get throttled and get back up to speed fast.  FAP Tokens can be purchased via 087 8050530

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